Novosibirsk is getting popular as Business Centre of the Asian part of Russia. Novosibirsk Multi-Modal Transportation Centre ranks the second in the country according to its main features. Trans-Siberian Railway, Federal highways, the largest in Siberia aviation complex, Customs and warehouse terminal capacities provide the solution of all the problem of "to the door" transportation.

GP "West-Siberian Railway"

Tel: 8 (800) 775-00-00

Cargo transportation: +7 (383) 229-45-21, +7 (383) 229-50-01

Transportation of cargo and passenger, loading & unloading operations, transportation-expedition services, rolling-stock maintenance services.

OJSC " Tolmachevo Airport"

Air ticket office: +7 (383) 216-97-50, +7 (383) 216-97-51

 Cargo transportation: +7 (383) 216-92-08, +7 (383) 216-96-62

 The history of Tolmachevo Airport began on 12th of July 1957, when Tu-104 jet made the first passenger flight to Moscow. Today the airport became an independent enterprize with the status of international airport. It is one of the forth biggest and well-equipped Russian airports. It is advantageously and beneficially situated in the middle of the Europe-Asia routes and Nothern America-Asia cross Polar routes. The airport is connected with over 80 cities in Russia, CIS and abroad by direct flights and located just in 17 kilometers away from Novosibirsk, the third biggest Russian city with population about 2 million inhabitants. Runway - 3600 meters long-allows to handle all types of aircrafts. Centralized aircraft refueling system, comparatively disengaged apron and short taxiways of the airport allow to cut time-wasting during aircraft refueling and taxiing. Transit hall of the terminal offers high service of highly qualified personnel for passengers.

Novosibirsk River Port Co.

Tel: +7(383) 2231953, +7(383) 2235729, +7(383)2298065.

Transportation of cargo & passengers, loading and unloading operations, towing of river vessels, rafts etc., transportation and expedition service.